What People Are Saying

  • "I am a professional realtor with a client who wants to sell their vacant house in Toronto. I knew a staged home will attract more buyers than a vacant one. I decided to engage Zoe's service prior to listing this house on the market. She was very prompt with her replies and on time with her appointment. Zoe gave us many useful staging tips. Her crew came and staged the house very quickly. It was staged beautifully and tastefully to me and my Seller's satisfaction. Most of the potential buyers who came through the open house only had positive things to say. We received multiple offers only 5 days on the market and sold the house 50K over asking. I would recommend Zoe's service to other professionals and sellers. Looking forward to our next project together."

    Benny Lin Sales Representative, Kingsway Real Estate Brokerage
  • "I really appreciate Zoe for the fantastic job she did for my clients. For the last job we did together, my clients received Ten offers and the sold price ended up getting 126% over asking price. I am sure that we were not able to achieve that level of the success without the fabulous professional staging. As a real estate professional, I am always happy to work with Zoe to maximize my clients' return on investment."

    Jason Zhang Sales Representative, Mid-Land Group Realty Inc., Brokerage
  • "I'm very grateful for ZOEIT professional opinion on home staging, with Zoe's help I was able to sell the house faster with a great value. Thank you very much!"

    Jackie Phuong Chau Home Owner, Markham
  • "Thanks again for the understanding, respect and professionalism ZOEIT demonstrated to me as well as those great ideas ZOEIT offered to me throughout the project - it did save me tons of time searching around..."

    Serene Home Owner, North York
  • "Thank ZOEIT very much for your team's professional services in staging my recent listing in the Richmond Hill area.

    My client and I really appreciate ZOEIT's prompt service in a very limited time frame. We got TEN offers in ONE week and SOLD for 8% more than the asking price.

    Thank ZOEIT once again for your team's best service."

    Susanna Lau Realtor, Homelife Gold Pacific Realty Inc. Brokerage
  • "As a very busy Realtor, I want to offer the best service in the shortest possible time frame, to achieve the best result. ZOEIT helped me to reached my goal: my listing was sold at the night of Open House, for 8% more than of asking price. I was hands-off during the whole process! Staging really is necessary when selling houses: the easy-to-sell houses can be sold for a better price, the hard-to-sell houses can be sold more easily and quickly. Staging helped my client to move on with their life. Truly, Home Staging can turn things around!"

    Steven Sun Realtor, Global Link Realty Inc.
  • "We are so glad to have ZOEIT taking care of the staging of our house. ZOEIT team are very professional, organize and experience. We are amazed how you guys did it. The outcome of the staging turn our house into a true model home. ZOEIT are able to listen to our concern and meet our budget. It was a stressful process to sell the house, and especially at the point of the housing market is slowing down, we really cannot imagine how we can make it without Zoe's help. Our house in the area was probably one of the last one to be listed on the market, and the 2nd highest price, but our house was sold first in the area and with 97% of the asking price, and the most important of all, the house was sold in 3 weeks. Isn't that amazing!!

    ZOEIT team turn the stressful process of selling the house becomes a wonderful one, thanks so much!!"

    Benjamin & Jenny Home Owner, Markham
  • "We are extremely happy with ZOEIT's staging service. ZOEIT provided end to end service/solution. ZOEIT team was very professional and friendly. You brought beauty and happy to the house. The house looked stunning after the staging. The house was sold for 106% of asking price on the open house day, which was the 2nd day on listing, with multiple offers."

    Sandy and Shining Home Owner, Richmond Hill
  • "We started showing on Oct 2, and accepted offers on Oct 7. Three offers came in on that day, and we ended up selling at 104% of the listed price.

    It's noteworthy that there had been a lower penthouse in the same building with more spacious interior and an extra den in the market a couple of months ago, but didn't sell even at a price lower than our sale price. Also, there are many condo units in my neighbourhood selling for $450k to $500k, however many of them have been listed for months and there are very few actual sales. So it is a good illustration that staging does make a difference ! ZOEIT did exactly what is needed!

    The eager buyer is very motivated, she removed the condition on the Status Certificate, and told me that she really loves the apearance of my home!

    Thank you again for your wonderful job ! Now I have the peace of mind to move to my new home !"

    Tony Lee Home Owner, Markham
  • "Zoe is one of my very best business partners. I admire Zoe's enthusiasm, attention to details, extremely high standard of workmanship, and ability to work under pressure to accomplish any project within short period of time.

    Without Zoe's expertise in home staging, my listing on Robintide Rd. would not have sold in this slow market. We all know the market has taken a turn, Zoe's service is a must have if you want to have the property sold and for a good price."

    Keith Wong Royal LePage Your community Realty Inc.
  • "We have put our house on sale in September 2008, at the time the real estate market started to decline. From September 2008 to February 2009, we had many visitors for our house on Corby Road in Markham but not one offer.

    Our house was missing the wow factor required to close a sale in an almost inexistant market while over 100 houses were listed for sale in the same price range in Markham. I met with Zoe at the end of January and after her evaluation, we signed a contract with Zoe for our property. Zoe did all the work for the staging quickly and within the deadlines promised. We put our newly staged house back on the market on February 12 and we got a firm offer from a buyer 10 days later. In this recession, the staging did not help increase the selling price of the house but however, it surely helped close the sale quickly. Since we owned a new house since December 2008, we appreciate greatly not being financially responsible for 2 houses. I would recommend ZOEIT's work for anyone having a problem to sell their house."

    Sylvie Corbeil Peloquin Home Owner, Markham
  • "How can we ever thank ZOEIT enough for the amazing miracle you performed on our humble home?

    Operating under a strict deadline, we needed our well-maintained but uninspiring home sold as quickly as possible, for the most money possible, but how to accomplish? How could we afford the professional staging our house so desperately required? We were well aware that we were competing against bigger neighbouring homes with more expensive upgrades, in a slowing market. We had no interlock driveway, no granite and stainless steel kitchen, no nice furniture. But then, at what seemed like the last minute, ZOEIT entered the picture. Like a scene from a magical fairytale, this Cinderella-plain property was transformed from hopelessly cluttered to dazzlingly elegant in almost no time at all. It was unrecognizable! If it were not for ZOEIT team there would have been no way this house could have sold for $28,000 over asking in 9 days, with over 12 offers! And who knows how many more dozens wanted our home but were too shy to bid? There were nearly 100 showings and the very first viewer was anxious to put an offer on the spot! Thank ZOEIT for an incredibly professional job!"

    P & F Gandolfi Home Owner, Richmond Hill
  • "The truth is that originally I was not a huge fan of home staging. When I first heard about it, I frankly thought that it was a bit of a waste of money, in an already tight economy and with all the costs involved in selling your home, it was something I thought I could ill afford and would only add to the already inflated cost of selling your home.  Plus, I thought I could do it myself.

    Enter Zoe Zhao. I was fortunate to see some of her work first-hand when a relative of mine used her services to stage her home for sale. And her staging services came highly recommended by my relative, after the home staging netted her a record number of showings for her home (over 100 in a 4 week period!).

    Based on the recommendation, we decided to have the home consultation with Zoe and find out what would needed to be done to make our home sellable. Because of our tight timetable and the fact that the work needed to be done would have taken too long to perform ourselves, we decided to contract Zoe for her services.

    This was by far the best decision we made when selling our home.  Zoe came in and took care of everything; from the cleaning of the property, making the necessary fixes, and finally bringing the furniture of the correct shape and sizes to fit perfectly in the empty spaces.

    The end result was a sight to behold.  In one case, the room that was transformed from a study to a third bedroom was unrecognizable to even the contractors that worked on that room a few days before.  The house was transformed from a ordinary abode to something out of a magazine.  Our real estate agent was so impressed and pleased, and remarked that ‘you just added about 20K to the value of this home’.  Without Zoe, our selling price would have definitely been at least 10-15K lower.

    When the listing came out, all of our friends who saw the pictures of the home said how well the house ‘showed’.  Shortly after going on the market, another home came up that was larger than ours and had a few more features.  But our home was still the better choice because of how well it showed, and all was thanks to Zoe.  When the home was finally sold (in 2 weeks, 7 offers), even the buyer remarked on how well the house looked, and asked if it was staged.  He also asked for her card because he wanted to use her services for an family member; he was that impressed.

    The fact is that home staging has become almost a standard and in most cases a must for selling your home.  You are definitely putting yourself at a disadvantage if your house is not staged in this market, when your competition have used staging services.  And it does increase the value of your home and speed up the selling process.

    Zoe is the consummate professional; she was very detailed in the suggestions she made, and was very firm with the suggestions and what needed to be changed with the house.  She took a lot of pride in her work, and was excited as we were (if not more) with the finished product.  I highly recommend the services of ZOEIT Inc."

    Garnett Home Owner, Pickering