Our Staging Services

We specialize in $500k-$2M houses and $300k-$1M condos

Consultation $160.00 flat fee


All of our Home Staging Services begin with a consultation. During the consultation one of our designers will go through your home with you and identify areas that can be enhanced through repairs, upgrades and furniture reconfiguring.

A few simple modifications can have a drastic effect on the efficient sale of your home.

You will receive a suggested staging package at the end of the consultation and the initial consultation fee will be waived if you continue with our services.

Please book your consultation at least 3 days in advance.

A typical consultation takes about 1.5 hour, and suggested home staging services may include:

  • De-cluttering
  • Packing
  • Moving
  • Handyman work
  • Interior/ Exterior Painting
  • Cosmetic Remodeling
  • Replacing Light Fixtures
  • Cleaning
  • Eliminate Home Odors and smells
  • Furniture and accessories rentals
  • Accessorizing
  • Curb appeal
  • Electrical

Our Packages

We offer several home staging packages to meet our clients' individual needs and to work with varying budgets. Each package will help achieve a highly presentable listing. We have a package for you!

Refresh My Home

Houses start from $999.00
Condo’s start from $499.00

With this package we will take advantage of your existing furniture and decor. We will de-clutter your home and showcase your belongings in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers.

This is the most economical package.

Enhance My Home

Houses start from $1499.00
Condo’s start from $999.00

With this package we de-clutter your home and use a combination of existing furnishings and our rental props. This package works best for those who have a good base, but could use a few extra décor items.

Re-Invent My Home

Houses start from $1999.00
Condo’s start from $1499.00

In this package we take care of everything for you – we use all of our own furnishings and décor to stage your home and prepare it for sale. With this package you can have peace of mind knowing our detailed team is presenting your beautiful home to potential buyers in a way that will inspire them to want to live there. Your home is a great financial asset and we want to help you receive the best offers in the shortest period of time. This package works best for vacant homes, or partially furnished homes.

Add-on Packages

Feng Shui Staging

This can be added on to any of the three packages for extra 30% of the package fee.

In a very hot real estate market in the GTA there are many Asian buyers willing to pay a premium price for your property. If your home is located in an Asian community we can help prepare for this particular market. The general guidelines for home staging will still apply for Asian cultures, such as de-cluttering, cleaning, and creating an aesthetically pleasing space - after all, who does not appreciate an attractive, well-kept home?

Aside from these general decorating guidelines there are other items to consider that appeal more specifically to the Asian culture. These items can include: paint colour, which items to put away while showing your home, floor style, light fixtures, style of furniture and, most importantly, Feng Shui.

All of our designers are skilled in Feng Shui, which is a very specific way of organizing your home to appeal to Asian buyers. We strongly recommend this add on if you live in a highly Asian populated area or are hoping to attract an overseas buyer.


It will only cost you: $2500.00

Many of our clients fall in love with our rental décor and furniture and often inquire about purchasing them. We are happy to sell our brand new items to you for use in your new home.

Our standard Stage-n-Keep package includes these items:

For a three bedroom home with living room, family room, dining room and a kitchen, we offer brand new:

  • 10 pieces of wall art
  • 3 sets of bedding
  • 8 decorative sofa cushions
  • 6 pairs of table lamps
  • 4 sets of table decor for your dining tables and two bath counters

We will stage your home with your existing furniture by rearranging and/or moving items to the garage. As a result, you will only need to pack up your own decor before we start working.


  • "Thanks again for the understanding, respect and professionalism ZOEIT demonstrated to me as well as those great ideas ZOEIT offered to me throughout the project - it did save me tons of time searching around..."

    Serene Home Owner, North York