When you are selling your home, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing it sit on the market for months, if not years without any tangible results and a lot of false hopes. When you are trying to make a change to your living situation, things need to come together at the same time so you are able to move forward, which means, that if you can’t sell your house, you are unable to think about buying a new one. If this seems to be happening to you, there are several benefits that home staging companies can provide for you to move along the process of selling you home more quickly that you could have ever imagined. ZOEIT, INC. is a professional and experienced home staging company that has been assisting all of our valued clients for over the last ten years with our services.

Home Staging

ZOEIT, INC. is one of the most dedicated and and extremely experienced home staging companies throughout the entire region, making home sellers’ dreams come true, because with our expertise and creative abilities, we showcase your home to make it appealing and exciting to your potential buyers. We have several types of home staging packages that are proven to enhance the beauty and the style of your living area, bringing a fresh, clean and comfortable environment that is both pleasing to the eye, and enjoyable for people to visit. Some of our staging solutions allow us to work with your existing furniture and decor, while some of our other packages allow us to bring in our own furniture and decorations.

Feng Shui

If you are hoping to attract overseas home buyers to consider your home for purchase, we also offer an additional add on package of Feng Shui staging that is extremely popular in the Greater Toronto Area, and within the Asian community. Along with the usual services that we provide, such as de-cluttering and cleaning, we will also bring in certain items and furniture that is more appealing to the Asian people. We may also change the paint color and put away specific things that don’t belong in this atmosphere, keeping with the specific manner of household organization that is more appropriate to the Asian population. We have staging experts that are specifically knowledgeable and skilled in Feng Shui for you to take advantage of.

Contact Us

If you decide that you going to contact some home staging companies to find out more about their services, ZOEIT, INC. would like to invite you to visit our web site at and take a look at our gallery of beautiful and exciting completed designs. You can also learn more about the unique and beneficial services that we offer to allow you to sell your home far more quickly. On our home page, you can book your consultation by leaving us your contact information and a brief comment. You can also call us at 416.786.3636 and speak with one of our professional home staging experts.

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