When you are selling your house, usually it’s essential for you to sell it as quickly as possible, while still being able to generate a nice profit, as this is generally the objective for most home sellers. It can become quite stressful when your house sits on the market for several months or even years. This circumstance puts your life on hold because you can’t even think about bidding on a new home until you are sure that you have already sold yours, and in the meantime, many of the homes that you wanted to buy are now already sold. This is a good time to think about contacting an experienced, professional company that specializes in home staging in Richmond Hill. ZOEIT, INC. has been happily and proudly providing home staging services for over ten years for all of our valued clients, creating sale after sale.

Benefits of Home Staging

ZOEIT, INC. is a professional and experienced staging business that specializes in home staging in Richmond Hill, and all of its neighboring communities, by providing unique and individual ideas and concepts that will allow your home to sell much more quickly, with out having to settle for an unacceptable offer. In fact, most of the houses that we prepare for sale sell at or around the owner’s asking price, while over 2,000 of our redesigned homes have sold in as little as fifteen days, which is virtually unheard of. It would be such an asset to your relocation situation to be able to take advantage of the many perks that come along with our innovative and creative techniques and solutions for the sale of your home.

We have various home staging packages that are extremely affordable, when you consider the fact that you will likely receive an acceptable bid on your house. Our most basic package allows us to utilize most of the furnishings that you already have within your home, rearranging them and sprucing up your living space. Our most extravagant plan allows you to leave everything to us, as we will bring in our own furniture, decorations, area rugs and several other decor items that will create a totally new and exciting look and feel to your house. This service that we provide is most beneficial with a partially furnished house to a completely vacant one. You will be pleasantly surprised what we can do with a little know how and a lot of imagination.

Contact Us

When you decide that you could benefit from the services of an experienced and professional company that specializes in home staging in Richmond Hill, ZOEIT, INC. would like to invite you to visit our web site to learn about all of the creative services that we offer, allowing for the quicker sale of your home. At, you can book your in home consultation directly on our home page by leaving your contact information and a brief comment about your moving circumstances. You can also simply call us at 416.786.3636 and speak with one of our professional home designers. 

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