7 Quick and Easy Home Staging Tips

 toronto-home-staging-gallery-zoeitIf you are considering selling your home it is good planning to prepare ahead of time – even if you don’t intend to put your home on the market for months, it’s a good idea to get a jump on the preliminaries. Not only does planning help to reduce stress, it will save you time and energy when the sale sign goes up on the front lawn.

Here are 7 quick fixes to help you get started.

Decluttering your home is essential

You can start by putting things away that don’t get touched or used regularly. Another good rule to apply is if you buy something new, something old must go. This helps reduce clutter and also makes you conscientious of what you’re purchasing when out shopping. Remember, you have to pack all of this stuff, too!

Depersonalize your home

New home buyers need to envision themselves living in your home. It’s tough for them to do this if your walls are cluttered with family photos. For the sake of selling your home, put away the family photos and replace them with neutral, but interesting art. Check out etsy.com  for some great ideas on the cheap.

Use neutral colours

Brightly coloured walls can scare away potential buyers and also make rooms look smaller. Paint is a cheap and easy way to transform a room. And using the same neutral tones throughout connected rooms helps to create a bigger space. If a dining room and kitchen share a wall, but are different colours, the space will look choppy and small. Go ahead and use bolder colours in powder rooms and bedrooms.

Repurpose existing furniture

It is a fallacy that pushing all the furniture against the walls in a room makes the space look bigger. In fact, the opposite is often true. Pull furniture out from the walls and create groupings of furniture situated in such a way that it encourages conversation and closeness. And don’t be afraid to move furniture around – just because you bought that arm chair for the den, doesn’t mean it has to stay there.

Update the kitchen

If your kitchen cupboards could use a facelift, rather than spend a gazillion dollars on a kitchen remodel, you can paint or replace the cupboard fronts and buy new hardware. This simple upgrade can make your kitchen look like a whole new room.

Less is more

Adopt the mantra that less is more. Avoid the temptation to stuff your rooms full of decorations and furniture. And when you do decorate a mantle or shelf keep in mind the law of asymmetry. The same law applies in gardening…everything is done in groupings of 3, 5, 7, 9…you get it.

Don’t forget outdoors

Last, but not least, don’t forget about the entrance to your home. The first thing new buyers see is the walkway up to the front door. Replace cracks in the walkway and plant some appealing shrubbery. If it’s winter, awesome, thank the snow for the natural beauty. Invest in a new door mat and maybe some seasonal flowers in bloom to add a touch of colour to the front door.