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Sell your house for the highest value in the shortest time.

Since 2006 our team at ZOEIT INC has helped more than 2000 families sell their homes within 15 days in average - often for more than the original asking price! We work with properties ranging from smaller condos to multi-million dollar homes.

All of our happy clients have been thrilled with the results of working with us as they experienced less stress and greater financial gain. We SELL homes!


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In a very hot real estate market in the GTA there are many Asian buyers willing to pay a premium price for your property. If your home is located in an Asian community we can help prepare for this particular market.

The general guidelines for home staging will still apply for Asian cultures, such as de-cluttering, cleaning, and creating an aesthetically pleasing space – after all, who does not appreciate an attractive, well-kept home?

Aside from these general decorating guidelines there are other items to consider that appeal more specifically to the Asian culture. These items can include: paint colour, which items to put away while showing your home, floor style, light fixtures, style of furniture and, most importantly, Feng Shui.

All of our designers are skilled in Feng Shui, which is a very specific way of organizing your home to appeal to Asian buyers. We strongly recommend this add on if you live in a highly Asian populated area or are hoping to attract an overseas buyer.

Feng Shui Staging can be added on to any of our staging packages for extra 30% of the package fee.


ZOEIT has helped thousands of Toronto home sellers:

ZOEINC uses their knowledge of real estate, home renovations and creative design principles to prepare your home and attract the right buyer in a shorter period of time. We want your move to be as easy and stress-free as possible.

  • Sell your home with little to no stress
  • Avoid carrying a double mortgage due to a quick sale
  • Move into your new home, or town, on your timeline
  • Achieve or surpass your financial goals
  • And outshine the competition

Move on with your life on your schedule – a non-staged home will only help your competitor sell their home! Sell your home when you want for the price you want.

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  • "We started showing on Oct 2, and accepted offers on Oct 7. Three offers came in on that day, and we ended up selling at 104% of the listed price.

    It's noteworthy that there had been a lower penthouse in the same building with more spacious interior and an extra den in the market a couple of months ago, but didn't sell even at a price lower than our sale price. Also, there are many condo units in my neighbourhood selling for $450k to $500k, however many of them have been listed for months and there are very few actual sales. So it is a good illustration that staging does make a difference ! ZOEIT did exactly what is needed!

    The eager buyer is very motivated, she removed the condition on the Status Certificate, and told me that she really loves the apearance of my home!

    Thank you again for your wonderful job ! Now I have the peace of mind to move to my new home !"

    Tony Lee Home Owner, Markham
  • "We are so glad to have ZOEIT taking care of the staging of our house. ZOEIT team are very professional, organize and experience. We are amazed how you guys did it. The outcome of the staging turn our house into a true model home. ZOEIT are able to listen to our concern and meet our budget. It was a stressful process to sell the house, and especially at the point of the housing market is slowing down, we really cannot imagine how we can make it without Zoe's help. Our house in the area was probably one of the last one to be listed on the market, and the 2nd highest price, but our house was sold first in the area and with 97% of the asking price, and the most important of all, the house was sold in 3 weeks. Isn't that amazing!!

    ZOEIT team turn the stressful process of selling the house becomes a wonderful one, thanks so much!!"

    Benjamin & Jenny Home Owner, Markham
  • "As a very busy Realtor, I want to offer the best service in the shortest possible time frame, to achieve the best result. ZOEIT helped me to reached my goal: my listing was sold at the night of Open House, for 8% more than of asking price. I was hands-off during the whole process! Staging really is necessary when selling houses: the easy-to-sell houses can be sold for a better price, the hard-to-sell houses can be sold more easily and quickly. Staging helped my client to move on with their life. Truly, Home Staging can turn things around!"

    Steven Sun Realtor, Global Link Realty Inc.